TIME by Joseph Wilson


Time is an illusion when people use words like
forever, eternity, everlasting. Time!
When we only have together the moment
in which we share—Time!
The now, Time!
Tomorrow not promised, Time!
The thoughts of the mind, body, and
heart, is always changing—Time!
To protect what we have, if you’re truly invested, Time!
In us, Time!
It’s time to commit, not to tomorrow, next
week, or even next year—Time!
The now, as we share in the moment—Time!
For we’ve been blessed with Time!
No matter the situation—Time!
Until we’re together again—Time!
Recognize our hearts—Time!
In which we are apart—Queen Time!
From each other—Time!
Smile for the moment—Time!
We share at this—Time!
For we are blessed with—Time!
Count me in to say yes, about—Time!
I gladly accept—Time!
You being a part of my mind—Time!
As a constant thought—Time!
Part of my body—Time!
In which I feel a constant reaction—Time!
My heart—Time!
Which I always hold—Time!
A special place in—Time!
Just for you—Time!
No, time is not ours—Time!
What we have—Time!
I’m proud to share it—Time!
With you—Time!
My time—Time!
       Time’s up!!! Time!!!!!!
Time!!!! Time!!!!

Joseph Wilson was a poet and PNAP student. He passed away in 2020 after contracting COVID-19 at Stateville Prison.