The PNAP Think Tank started in the fall of 2017 as a way to support community building and as a space to reflect and refine PNAP’s programming. Since then, it has grown into a hub of strategic knowledge production around issues of criminal justice reform and long-term sentencing policies. Through discussions with community advocates, educators, artists, and cultural workers, relationships have deepened and networks have proliferated. The Think Tank, facilitated by Alice Kim and Timmy Châu, now meets twice a month and continues to host and connect with well-known thinkers and movement makers around the state and nation. 

The Think Tank hosts guest speakers as a way to foster connections between PNAP students and community leaders on the outside. Past guests include:

Janae Bonsu, BYP 100
Timmy Châu, People’s Response Team
Aislinn Pulley, Black Lives Matter Chicago
Jason Lydon, Black and Pink
Jeff Deutsch, Seminary Co-op Bookstore 
Dayo Harris, Village Leadership Academy