One Day a Week is a 30-minute video of interviews with artists, writers, and scholars who work with PNAP. The video project originated from the many conversations, often occurring on the way to and from the prison, between PNAP faculty and visiting guest lecturers during the spring of 2015. Conversations circled around teaching and learning, challenges entering and exiting the prison, and our complicated yet deep commitments around doing this work. This video makes visible our labor and our negotiations with the prison, which is sometimes complex and other times familiar.

Most of us teach and learn and make art in a range of other institutions and spaces across the city that, like all spaces, are tethered in complex ways to practices of confinement, punishment, and policing. For example, many of us work at universities that discriminate, in employment and enrollment, against people with felony convictions. Working at Stateville has pushed each of us, in different ways, to reflect on the similarities, differences, and linkages of teaching and learning in various institutions. Rendering visible even a small portion of our conversations and contexts seems imperative.

Interviews and camera: Fereshteh Toosi
Editing: Sarah Ross and Erica Meiners
Color Correction: Scrappers Film Group
Interviewees: Tim Barnett, Lucy Cane, Damon Locks, Christina Gomez, Erica Meiners, Amy Partridge, Audrey Petty, Jill Petty, Beth Richie, Sarah Ross, and Marvin Tate