PNAP is composed of Co-Directors, staff, and faculty. Co-Directors meet monthly and vote on decisions about the project.
A group of dedicated advisors made up of current and fast faculty and students provide additional feedback and support.

Directors of Art and Exhibitions
Damon Locks + Sarah Ross

Directors of Community Building
Alice Kim + Timmy Châu

Directors of University Curriculum
Tim Barnett +  Erica Meiners

PNAP Staff
Cean Gamalinda, Faculty and Class Coordinator

Honorary Board
• Michelle Boone, CEO, Navy Pier, Inc.
• Walter Burnett Jr., Chicago Alderman
• Danny Davis, U.S. Congressman
• Benny Lee, National Alliance for the Empowerment of the Formerly Incarcerate

Ryan Griffis + Tess Landon

Graphic Design
Dave Pabellon

Current and Past Faculty

Ben Almassi
Tim Barnett
Tara Betts
Martha Biondi
Jessica Bird
Adam Bush
Lucy Cane
Cathy Cohen
David Egan
William Estrada
Eve Ewing
Luke Fidler
David Feiner
Cristina Gomez
Darrell Heller
Andres Hernandez
Aaron Hughes
Johari Jabir
Lasana Kazembe
Alice Kim
Jason LaFountain
Tess Landon
Lisa Lee
Damon Locks
Antonio Lopez
Anthony Madrid

Erica Meiners
Michael De Anda Muniz
Clinton Nichols
Kai Parker
Amy Partridge
Claire Pentecost
Audrey Petty
Jill Petty
Miriam Petty
Nadya Pittendrigh
Barbara Ransby
Beth Richie
Sarah Ross
Fred Sasaki
Benjamin Serrano
Dave Stovall
Marvin Tate
Anna Terwiel
Julian Thompson
Fereshteh Toosi
Nancy Traver
Gabriel Villa
Wendy Wall
Simone Waller
Anna Martine Whitehead