Donate to PNAP

Donate to Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project before the end of 2018 and receive a limited run artist print by Martine Whitehead.

Since 2011, Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project has helped raise the voices and visions of incarcerated artists and scholars at Stateville Prison. With your support, PNAP has brought classes and guest lectures to the prison as well as exhibitions, events, and conversations to Chicago communities. As we celebrate five years of this important work, we ask for your continued support in funding the future of PNAP.

Your tax-deductible donation makes you an important part of a group of artists, scholars, activists, writers and stakeholders who are working together to reduce our nation’s reliance on incarceration and make present the critical analysis and visions of people in prison.

Download our 2018 Annual Report.


What does my donation support?

PNAP relies on an amazing team of volunteers and faculty who continue this work because we know that access to art and education changes lives on both sides of the prison walls. Your support helps us continue to offer high quality classes and produce transformative projects, by funding our operations. Some of this is not always the most visible part of our work, but it is some of the most important, and it’s where your support is urgently needed.

Donations to PNAP supports our operations that include stipending faculty, and guest lecturers, purchasing books and art supplies, and organizing community exhibitions and programs.

Can I send a check?

Yes. Checks should be written to “Northeastern Illinois University Foundation” with PNAP in the memo line. Please send checks to our office:

Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project
2040 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. PNAP is fiscally sponsored by the Northeastern Illinois University Foundation. Your contribution is tax deductible.
100% of your donation will go to support PNAP.