Spoken Word

Poets at Stateville are often creating works for the page as well as for performance. Below are some of the works created in PNAP classes and workshops.


2012: Poets read their works from a class taught by staff from the Poetry Foundation (Fred Sasaki, Lindsay Garbutt, Ydalmi Noriega, Ashley Sheehan and Nuria Sheehan). In the audio, authors state their names and the title of their work.


Audio was created by mixing sound and poetry. Work was developed in class taught by Marvin Tate and supported by the Poetry Foundation. In this year PNAP was not allowed to record the poets at Stateville so we worked with Marvin and Baylee Champion to read the work. Joe Jeffers mixed the sound.


Gambler’s Remorse by Devon Kenon
Forget What You Heard and Catch What I’m Saying by Willie Banks (co-produced with Mikolaj Szatko)
Guns by Kristian Delgado
Is That Jazz by A. M. Spaulding
Grey by Andre Patterson (co-produced with Jaime Branch on keys)
Nothing by Seneca Smith
Parole Me in the Afterlife by Patrick Pursley
Play on Player by Henry Lovett
Lost in Time by Yastn Abdul Shakur
Requiem by Devon Kenon
Untitled by Seneca Smith
Psycho by Andre Patterson (co-produced with Khallee Glen Standberry-Lois and Jermaine Harris on additional vocals)
Why I Matter by Michael Johnson