In 2014-2015 artists at Stateville created two bodies of works that considered self-representation. In more typical form, artists created likenesses of themselves based on photographs. Source images were prison-issued ID photos, the only images of themselves most of the incarcerated artists had. Here, the artists distorted and subverted this state-issued document (which is a surveillance tool, not a portrait) by using pattern and shape to remake the image of themselves. In a series of screen prints, artists were asked to develop portraits without representing themselves but instead looking at the places and people that shaped them. The artists also designed patterns that were printed in the background of their self-representations. The final works were printed in two colors at a shop in Chicago. 



Bold Disobedience
Weinberg Newton Gallery; Chicago, IL 

Curt’s Cafe; Evanston, IL


The Weight of Rage
Hyde Park Art Center; Chicago, IL

Mitigating Evidence
Chicago Art Department; Chicago, IL


Art in a Prison State
John Almquist Gallery; Winnetka, IL

The Material That Went to Make Me
Northeastern Illinois University Library; Chicago, IL


Ahmad Poole
Alfredo Natal
Charles McLaurin
Chris Everette
Damon Locks
Darrell Fair
Devon Daniels
Elton Williams
Eric Blackmon
Franciso Estrada
John Lombardi
Johnny Taylor
Joseph Rodney Dole
Kevin Blumberg
Marcus McRight
Mark Dixon
Martise Nunnery
Matt Davis
Naja Triplett
Patrick Palaggi
Sarah Ross
Terry Dibble
Willie Hampton