Tools for Change: A compilation of tools, ideas, and reflections from Logan Think Tank 2023

This writing and analysis originated from a four-session pilot project at Logan Prison
that was initiated by Chicago-based community organizations Love & Protect, the
Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project, the Women’s Reclamation Project, and
other members of our abolition feminist community. This was a pilot initiative, and we
are committed to deepening the relationship and are currently planning return visits for
fall 2023!

These four sessions, a ThinkTank facilitated by Rachel Caïdor, Eliza Gonring, Deana
Lewis, and Erica Meiners, explored different strategies for advocacy and aimed to
deepen our understanding of local and national organizations working for social and
political change, particularly within the criminal legal system. Materials that were shared
in this ThinkTank included: Love and Protect toolkits, #Survived and Punished:
Defense Campaigns as Abolitionist Praxis and Defending Self Defense: A Call to
Action by Survived and Punished, and, The Long Term: Resisting Life Sentences
Working Toward Freedom (Haymarket Press).

The participants in the room were the experts. Everyone has a sharp analysis of the
criminal legal system – from experience and from study – and had much to share.
The project at the end of the term was for participants to offer commentary on an
initiative – a campaign, a project, a deep need, or a resource – that they identify as
necessary at Logan and that the outside world could support. Feedback from
participants included demands for better mental health services, more access to
education (without prohibitions connected to length of sentence), and so much more.
These materials pointedly identify people’s needs in the current moment – and also their
care for each other, their ingenuity and also their radical vision for a more just and free

Deep gratitude to Neomi Roa for their support with this pamphlet!

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