The 51st (Free) State is a body of work that includes emblems, songs, choreography, graphic narratives, and stage sets to connect thousands of people incarcerated across the nation through a spatio-political imaginary.

This project examines the “citizen” as a socio-political framework that functions to both grant rights and exclude them.

Letters from the Future was a project developed in 2016 that asked incarcerated artists to imagine life in 2045.

In 2014-2015 artists at Stateville created two bodies of works that considered self-representation.

One Day a Week is a 30-minute video of interviews with artists, writers, and scholars who work with PNAP.

This project is a set of oversized bookmarks that display lists of books people wanted to read based on a 2015 course, titled “Freedom Dreams,” taught by Alice Kim.

Freedom Dreams was a 2015 collaboration between PNAP and the Social Justice Initiative at UIC that made connections between artists in and outside of prison.

Between 2013 and 2014, PNAP worked with 11 artists at Stateville on a year-long project around the ideas of time, play, and freedom.

Self-published anthologies of student writing and recordings of poetry from select PNAP courses and exhibitions.