This project is a set of oversized bookmarks that display lists of books people wanted to read based on a 2015 course, titled “Freedom Dreams,” taught by Alice Kim. Students were asked to think about three books that changed their lives and to keep a book list throughout the course, along with titles of books they wanted to read in the future. As the class discussed the possibility and potential of books to shape our lives, students developed book lists that, in many ways, reflect their individuality and subjectivity. Bins placed under the bookmarks invited audiences to donate the books. 


The Weight of Rage
January 10 – March 20, 2016; Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago


Abdul-Malik Muhammad

Demetrius Cunningham

Derrick Echols

Dustin Sherwood Clay

Eric Blackmon

Gerald Reed

Kiar Brown

Markus Buchanan

Phillip Hartsfield

Rodney Clemons

Ricky Patterson

William Buck